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Five Ways A PBX Business Phone System Can Increase Small Business Efficiency

by Dora Barrett

Any small business owner planning out a new company phone system should explore the available technologies. One available technology to consider is a PBX phone system.

A PBX phone system, or a "private branch exchange" system, is a system that makes it possible to switch calls between local lines and inside users to make the most of a limited number of external phone lines. 

The following are a few of the advantages that small business owners should evaluate when planning for a business telephone system:

Simplifying and centralizing control of the system

When a PBX phone system is used, all calls coming in can be directed to a receptionist. This means that the receptionist has centralized control and can direct calls coming in from the same number to different recipients. 

While offering centralized control, a PBX system allows incoming calls to come in even while staff members are dialing out on other lines having the same number. 

Facilitating communication among staff members

Maintaining convenient and fast communications internally is important to upholding strong productivity. Calls within an office facility do not have to be sent out to the phone company's exchange but can rather be routed internally if a company sets up a PBX phone system. 

Allowing for automation

While calls can be routed to a receptionist with a PBX system, they can also be automatically routed with the help of an "auto attendant" feature. 

When customers call a company, they want to conveniently reach the person they're calling for as quickly as possible. PBX auto attendants are generally designed to take an extension number so that the caller gets right to the person they're looking for without having to listen through extensive menu options.

Offering flexibility when it comes to call routing

A standard phone system can't keep up with all the routing possibilities offered by PBX technology.

PBX systems offer forwarding of calls to a different phone once a call hasn't been answered at one extension after a given amount of rings. Also, this feature makes it so that a whole series of extensions can be routed to to maximize the chances that a caller gets someone on the phone. 

Providing online capabilities via VoIP

These days taking advantage of Internet integration and being in the cloud is important for just about any office. PBX systems can be connected to the Internet. This and results in called that are channeled over a VoIP or "Voice Over Internet Protocol" system. 

VoIP systems offer many different accessibility and cost saving advantages. They can allow calls to be handled solely over an Internet connection so that it's not necessary to add phone bills to a company's overhead costs, for example. Contact a company, like competitive network management LLC, for more help.