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4 Ways That Application Acceleration Can Improve Your Computer Processes

by Dora Barrett

Nowadays, computers are integral parts of almost every corporate function. As a result, the efficiency of computer processes has a significant impact on the productivity of your company.

Even though computers are capable of processing data at lightning fast speeds, problems with the applications of a system or network can slow production to a halt. When employee productivity suffers, you lose money. Here are a few ways that application acceleration can improve your processes:

It can balance the load.

If your servers are overburdened by too much traffic, the performance of your applications will suffer. The traffic bottlenecks in a manner similar to the way that vehicular traffic can come to a stop when too many cars are entering a highway with an insufficient number of lanes.

However, speed can be accelerated by load balancing the application traffic. Functions that can significantly burden your system, such as TCP connections and SSL encryption processing, can be offloaded from your servers so that required traffic can be accelerated.  

It can reconfigure web and cloud services.

You may be noticing a reduction in the response and transaction speeds for your cloud functions, websites and other online applications. However, application acceleration services can improve your speed by compressing data, redirecting traffic and storing information in a cache memory. 

It can improve company network performance.

If your company is like most businesses, you use a network to connect your employees and make it easy to share files and emails. In addition, you may use your network for video and voice conferencing or to view online content simultaneously on multiple computers. Slow network speeds can make it difficult for employees to communicate quickly and effectively. 

Still, applications can be accelerated by optimizing and prioritizing data as it is transmitted. In addition, performance efficiency is improved as the transmission of duplicate data is eliminated.

It can improve remote speeds.

If your company has employees that work from home or other remote locations, their connection and transmission speeds are also important. By creating a mobile client, communication speeds to and from devices that are remotely connected can increase. 

If you are concerned that inefficient computer processing speeds are limiting your company's productivity, there are ways to improve your system's performance. Contact an application acceleration specialist so that your current processes can be evaluated. Once the problems have been identified, suitable solutions can be employed to improve processing speeds.