Troubleshooting Your Own Computer

File System Security Questions Business Owners May Need Answered

by Dora Barrett

If your business is like most others, it requires a complex network of computers to ensure that your employees are able to perform their duties. However, it is an unfortunate fact that there are security risks that can come from using computers, and many business leaders are not sure of the steps needed to protect their company. If you lack knowledge or experience with computer security, you might benefit from having these two questions securing your company's computers answered.

Why Would You Need File System Activity Auditing?

When you suspect that a sensitive computer file has experienced an unauthorized access or modification, it will be necessary to review the complete history of accounts that accessed that file. This is what occurs during a file system activity audit, and it is designed to trace the security breach to its source so that the issue can be corrected. 

Sadly, this can be a difficult task because there are a variety of ways that a cyber criminal or employee could mask their steps. As a result, this is a task that is usually best left to professionals that have the expertise and equipment needed to determine and verify the access history of the file in question. 

How Can You Increase The Security Of Your Company's File System?

Due to the severe consequences that can follow sensitive information being compromised, it should be no surprise that it is important for businesses to take efforts to protect these files. One of the more effective options for doing this is to install a security system that allows managers to restrict which employees can access certain files. 

In addition to protecting your company from unethical employees, this can also protect sensitive information from cyber criminals that gain access to a single employee account. Due to the authorization system used by these security systems, a cyber criminal will only have access to the files that the compromised user account can open, which can help to minimize the damage done during these breaches. 

File system security is a critical part of keeping your business safe from cyber attacks and data leaks. However, you may not have much of an understanding about this aspect of computer security. Knowing why you would need to have a file system activity audit done and how you can better protect your enterprise from this risk should help you to make informed decisions about the security of your company's computer network.