Troubleshooting Your Own Computer

FAQ About Computer Viruses

by Dora Barrett

Are you unable to use your computer because it freezes up right after being turned on? There are a few things that can cause a computer to freeze up. If your computer is not just worn out from being old, you might be dealing with one or more viruses. This article covers some of the questions that you might have in regards to computer viruses.

Why Does a Virus Cause a Computer to Freeze Up?

There are numerous types of viruses that can cause a computer to freeze up, and each virus can cause the computer to perform in a certain way. For instance, there are some viruses that run programs in the background without your knowledge. The programs typically require the use of a large amount of memory, which often leads to the computer freezing up. There are also viruses that are able to hijack your web browser and redirect you to various websites that are intended for hacking, which might also cause freezing to occur. If you have already used a virus detection program and it doesn't work, it is likely that the viruses need to be removed using a more advanced technique.

How Can a Technician Remove a Computer Virus?

One of the first things that a computer technician will do is attempt removing the virus with high quality software. The virus removal software used by a technician will likely be more up-to-date and able to get rid of more viruses than the software on your computer. If the virus removal software does not work, the technician can restore your computer. He or she will either restore the computer to an earlier date, or it will be reset to the condition it was when it left the factory. Restoration to an earlier date will allow you to keep personal data that is stored on the computer, but a factory reset will lead to the personal date being removed.

What Does a Technician Charge for Virus Removal?

The price that you are charged for a technician to remove a computer virus will depend on how complicated the task is. For a simple virus that does not require a lot of labor, you might be charge a flat rate. However, it is typical for computer technicians to charge an hourly rate that is estimated at $50 and up. Get in touch with a technician to find out if a virus is making your computer to freeze up. Contact a business, such as Precise Computer Inc., for more information.