Troubleshooting Your Own Computer

Incorrect Password, Locked Out, Try Again: Phrases That Frustrate And How To Cope

by Dora Barrett

In today's world, most people have no less than a dozen websites each where they have to log in and provide a password. Every single site expects you to have an entirely different and complex password, too. That is just unreasonable. Nobody can remember that and no one wants to go through the hassle of creating a new password every time. If you are sick and tired of seeing incorrect password, locked out, and/or try again in ten minutes, you are probably just as frustrated as the next person. Here is how to cope with password pain and memory problems.

Secure Password Manager

Would it not be nice if you only had to remember ONE password? One simple password to unlock everything? Well, in a way, you can have that. Online software now offers you a "secure password manager." This is similar to the password manager apps on phones, except that it works on your computer or laptop instead. This software opens a screen where you can list every website you visit that requires a password to log on. Next to each site, you list the current password (make sure it is the one that works and not one you think it is). Then save, log off the password manager program, and that is it.

The next time you cannot remember your password for this site or that, you open your password manager on your laptop or computer. Since you only need one password to log in, you can open this secure file of all of your passwords. Cut and paste from the list the password you need, and then log into the selected and matching site of that password. Log out of the password manager. Simple, right? 

Remain Calm

Another thing that helps reduce the number of times you get the password error messages is remaining calm. The more frustrated you get, the more anxious you get. The more anxious you get, the less you remember. It is weird how the body works this way, but it does. If you are calm, you can focus and then you can remember. If remaining calm and thinking slowly and quietly does not work, you may be too tired to pull your password information from the ether in your brain. Time to walk away from your computer and take a rest. When you come back, you may find that you have no problem remembering your password, and you will feel much better.