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What You Should Know About a Career in Cyber Security

by Dora Barrett

As technology advances further, it has become important for businesses to focus on cyber security to protect their investment and their customers. If you are looking for a career that pays well and has a great outlook, you should consider cyber security. If you still aren't sure what cyber security entails, check out these five facts to help you determine if it is the right position for you.

A Security Officer Manages the Computer Systems

While everyone in the office may use the computer system, you need a dedicated employee to manage the infrastructure. This may include an office intranet as well as the firewall, which protects hackers and other intruders from creeping into your computer system. You will likely need to monitor for viruses, malware, phishing, etc. In addition, cyber security officers control which employees have access to certain parts of the system. For example, if you work in an insurance company, an employee processing claims needs access to patient information, but the HR department of the company does not.

Cyber Security Protects Personal Information

One of the biggest roles a cyber security officer plays is protector of personal information. This, of course, includes employee personal information, such as names, Social Security number, address, phone number, and birth dates. If someone hacked into the system, they could access the HR information, which includes enough information about employees to allow someone to steal their identity. However, your role is also to protect customer information. Customer's information may include names, contact information and credit card numbers.

Cyber Security Experts May Fight Cyberterrorism

Depending on your company, you may also be worried about cyberterrorism. Cyberterrorism isn't about uncovering personal information to steal someone's identity. Cyberterrorism has an agenda, and while cyberterrorism is more common in government or big businesses, it can happen to any business who has enemies. For example, if you are a high-end store that sells leather accessories or clothes, you may draw attention from animal-supporters who choose to cyberattack in the event to spread their agenda. Cyberespionage is another similar threat, but in this instance, another company is attacking you to learn your business secrets.

You Will Likely Need a Degree to Get a Career

While just about everyone has experience with computers in today's high-tech age, not just anyone can be a cyber security officer. You typically need at least a bachelor's degree in a computer-related field. The average pay for a cyber security specialist is about $95,510, but if you have a more advanced degree, your pay will likely be higher. You may need special certificates to prove your skills. Because technology is always advancing, you will likely need to continue your education as new advancements or dangers arise.  

Nearly Every Business Needs Cyber Security

So many jobs that were once in high-demand are now becoming obsolete because of technology, but as long as there is technology, businesses need someone to manage it. Cyber security jobs are rising faster than normal because they are needed just about everywhere. Every business and government agency should have a cyber security officer to protect their information and the information of customers. As access to this type of information becomes easier for hackers, the demand for cyber security will only increase further, making it a great long-term career choice with room to grow.

If you are looking for great cyber security career opportunities, you're in luck. They are needed nearly everywhere, and with tech growing more and more each year, the need will only keep rising. For more information about becoming a cyber security specialist, start looking today by finding a school in your area or online today.