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Educational Alternatives To Standard Video Games

by Dora Barrett

Many parents are not big fans of video games. The idea of their children spending endless hours online playing shoot 'em up video games, or fantasy role-playing games, is not that pleasing to most parents. The problem is that many children are so adamant about playing online games that it can be a trying issue for parents to try and wean their kids off them. This can result in a lot of fights and other issue that are just too stressful. So, what you will want to do is find an alternative that is not lacking in educational benefits as a run-of-the-mill video game but which will still be exciting for your kid so that they won't feel completely deprived. Here are a few ideas.

Interactive Trivia Games

One of the best things you can do is look for a video game that has trivia as a basis. These games can make learning fun and have interactive designs that make the experience much more exciting than what you might normally find in a regular trivia session. The games can be structured as a quiz show, or they can be designed to have a chase with questions being asked in order for the protagonist to be able to proceed.

Historical Games

Another fun idea is to find a video game that is based around a historical event. These games can be adventure style games that reenact famous periods in history. So, if your child likes adventure games, it would be a really fun idea to find them a game that is based around a famous event such as an expedition through the Old West, a sea voyage, or some other period in history. The game will be both fun as well as educational.

Chess Games

Finally, there are chess games. As opposed to playing on a chess board, your child can play a virtual opponent. You can contact a company like Chess King to learn more about chess software. The cool thing about using chess software is that your kid can play against anyone they like. They can also alter the chess software to be either easier or more difficult. This is one of the best ways to improve their skill. It also relieves some of the burden that you might feel to constantly play with them. So, if you are not a big chess fan, or simply don't have the time to play that often, but your child wants to, then this is the perfect way to let them practice chess.