Troubleshooting Your Own Computer

When Wireless Internet Is Down: What To Do Next

by Dora Barrett

Wireless internet service is both a boon and a curse. It is a boon because you can go anywhere in your house or your business and still connect to the internet via a wireless internet connection. It is a curse because sometimes the internet goes down or there are places in your home or business where the internet cannot seem to penetrate through a wall. If your service ever goes down and does not seem to be rebooting itself, here is what you should do next. 

At Home

Call your provider. You will have to get through all of the auto-routing channels to get a live person on the phone. The person will walk you through steps to see if the internet connection at home is a problem you can fix by yourself with the phone rep's guidance, or if the problem will require a technician. The phone rep will also "ping" your service line to make sure there are no outside-to-inside line transmission issues. If everything checks out, but you are still having internet connectivity issues, the phone rep will schedule a time for a technician to come fix your internet. 

At Work

Most businesses have an IT department that is fully capable of handling these issues. Your IT people will work through the problem on their own, and then they will handle any repair calls to the service provider. Usually the IT department will only call the service provider if and when they cannot resolve the problem themselves. 

At Home and at Work

After you attempt to fix the internet yourself, or your IT department tries to fix the problem, and the service provider has scheduled a repair appointment, then the next step is finding an internet source you can use in the meantime. Most smartphones act as WiFi hot spots for other devices. If your smartphone is fully charged, you can go under "general settings" and turn on the WiFi hot spot button. Then open your internet connections on your laptop, computer, or tablet, and select your personal smartphone's hot spot WiFi. Connect, and you can continue working this way until your phone dies or until you no longer need the internet on computing devices. 

You can also visit other businesses and places that offer free WiFi. Most restaurants are content to let you use their WiFi if you at least buy a cup of coffee, a sandwich, etc.. WiFi is also free at your local library. Use it as long as you need to, and then head home.